Teal Lake Village Association

Architechtural Review Committee

Annual ARC Report Nov 2, 2021

ARC Update Nov 2, 2021

For those who missed the Annual Meeting, or were unable to hear well at the meeting (we were all wearing masks), here are the ARC Annual Report and the ARC Application Process, which were presented by Patty Patterson, TLVA ARC:

-- ARC Annual Report
-- ARC Application Procedure
-- ARC Contact

Notice: Newsstands March 23, 2021

Hello TLVA Residents,

This letter is to notify you that the TLVA Board voted at their recent meeting to retain the three newsstands that are being used by those who responded to the recent Newsstand Survey indicating they did not want their stands removed. Those stands are on Sea Breeze Lane, Lower Sea Vista Terrace and Seaway Place near the cul-de-sac.

The Board also voted to remove the other eight newsstands. We expect these will be removed sometime within the next month. This work will be done by Earth Movers, using a back-hoe type of machine. The posts and concrete bases will also be removed and the holes will be filled. One of these stands may be used as a replacement for a stand that will be retained but is quite weather worn. The other removed stands will be disposed by Earth Movers.

If you have been using a newsstand that is slated for removal, we suggest you contact your publisher and/or carrier soon to request that your paper be delivered to your porch or driveway with a plastic wrap.

Please feel free to contact me,
Patty Patterson

ARC Report -- March 12, 2021

There have been three applications and three inquiries since the last meeting.

One application to replace a deck and deck railing was submitted to SBCA and approved.

Two applications were amendments to a previously approved PLUA landscaping revision. The new applications were to extend the project time and to slightly modify the approved design by removing a shrub. These changes were approved. The homeowner also pointed out that the TLVA Common Area Modification Application form did not include options for design changes or timeline changes of pre-approved projects. The existing form was revised to incorporate these suggestions and can replace the existing form on the TLVA website. [Approved 3/15/21] New Form

One inquiry about adding shrubbery at the lot line was followed up with an application which is on hold, pending more detail about the intended plant list. If the selected plants will be greater than 46” at maturity, the homeowner will complete the application process.

Another inquiry about adding a retractable awning on the deck, but no application was made.

A third inquiry was about a disturbance in a rock wall on common property that appears to have been caused by excessive rain. I will check with NLS to see if replacing the one or two fallen rocks is within the scope of their work. If not, we may need to pursue getting estimates from independent landscapers.

Patty Patterson

New ARC Chair -- October 22, 2020

October 22, 2020
by Patty Patterson

Hello Neighbors,

I am the new Architectural Review Committee (ARC) person. You can reach me at and I live at 23 Outlook Lane at the corner of Crestview Drive.

In the future, if you plan any major exterior home maintenance, construction projects and/or landscape changes that will affect others’ views, please submit your SBCA ARC Applications to me for preliminary review and sign-off. You can find these Application documents at

[Obsolete likes removed.]

Rule 8 – Compliance Policy

On July 20, 2020 the board adopeted the TLVA Compiance Policy, then on August 10, 2020 it was designated Rule 8 of the Bylaws. The following Q & A was used as the script for two information sessions. We hopw you will find it useful.

Q 1: Where can I read the policy?
A 1: Click here for a copy: Rule 8 – Compliance Policy
Q 2: Why do we need a compliance policy?
A 2: There are times when, failing neighbor to neighbor resolution, or Board to member resolution additional measures need to be available to secure compliance with the CC&Rs. This Compliance Policy specifies what actions the Board can take to secure compliance.
Q 3: Isn't TLVA covered by the SBCA Compliance Policy?
A 3: SBCA does have a Compliance Policy allowing its Board to ensure its CC&R are followed. However, the SBCA Compliance Policy does not cover TLVA Common area. The TLVA Compliance Policy addresses TLVA common area only — violation that occur on your Lot are subject to SBCA CC&Rs and the SBCA Compliance Policy.
Q 4: How are Permissive Land Use Agreements (PLUA) effected?
A 4: PLUAs are TLVA common area, and any violations occurring on a PLUA will be subject to the TLVA Compliance Policy.
Q 5: What types of fines are there?
A 5: As with the SBCA policy there are two types of fines: fines related to ARC related violations and those related to Conduct violations.
Q 6: Are the dollar amounts the same for both types of fines?
A 6: No.
ARC violation fines are dependent on the type failure to correct.
Conduct violations as found in CC&Rs 10.5 are the sole type of violation and fees dependent on action (or lack of) on the part of the member.
Q 7: How will a homeowner be notified of a complaint? What is the process?
A 7: There is a potential 14 step process beginning with written notification to the homeowner. As the review of the complaint progresses, the homeowner is notified in writing at each step. From the initial step the homeowner has the ability to tell the Board their side of the story.
Q 8: If the homeowner disagrees with the Board's decision, what happens?
A 8: The homeowner may request a hearing – there are time frames related to the request so it's important that the homeowner file a timely request.
Q 9: If the homeowner is notified of a violation and takes no actions, what happens then?
A 9: If the violation is not corrected, fines will continue to accrue. During this time period if a hearing is not requested timely (14 days from the date of the non-compliance letter) it is considered a waiver of the member’s right to challenge the determination.
Q 10: How are the date and time of the hearing determined?
A 10: A mutually convenient time will be set. Failure of the homeowner to appear at the scheduled hearing constitutes a waiver of the opportunity to be heard.
Q 11: Can someone attend the hearing and speak on the homeowner’s behalf?
A 11: Yes, there are notification procedures included with the Request for Hearing, but other member or witness comments will generally be limited to 3 minutes.
Q 12: How is a decision made after the hearing?
A 12: The Board meets in Executive session to make its decision. The homeowner is notified in writing of the decision, and the notification will include whether a violation has occurred, or not, and any fine that is being assessed.
Q 13: How long will it take the Board to render a decision?
A 13: The Board will make every effort to respond within 21 days of the hearing.
Q 14: Can the homeowner request a new hearing?
A 14: No. However, the homeowner may request reconsideration upon showing something has been overlooked. A letter must be submitted to the Board within 10 days of the Notice of Decision and state why reconsideration is warranted.
Q 15: What happens if the violation continues?
A 15: The Board will review the issue and determine next steps.
Q 16: How are the fines collected by the Association?
A 16: The Board will review the issue and determine next steps.Fines imposed are considered assessments under the Governing Documents and are subject to the same imposition of late fees, interest and placement of a lien upon the property.