Teal Lake Village Association

Landscaping Committee Reports

Daffodil Project – Oct 23, 2021

Daffodil Project Oct 23, 2021

As many know one of our members is donating 3,000 daffodil bulbs for planting near the brambles behind the houses on Outlook and Clear View. Many of the daffodil “islands” will be visible from the street for all to enjoy.

This Saturday, October 23, we will be planting the bulbs. A rototiller will be coming in to dig out the areas where the bulbs will go, so volunteers will not have to dig holes for all those daffs, just place them with the root side down and cover with dirt, and next spring there should be a profusion of gorgeous yellow blooms.

If you’d like to help please show up at the corner for Clear View and Crestview at 10:00 am.

For questions contact
Gil Skinner and Chris Spagle.

Landscape Report – June 9, 2021

Hi all,

I know most of you are aware of the landscape problems we are having this year. In particular, pruning has been a "maybe" and irrigation problems have been a source of frustration for too many. Yes, I am aware of edging problems and sloppy mowing.

NLS has been short on employees and a good supervisor even though they pay employees well beyond minimum wage. But, the tide is turning: NLS has be able to slowly hire more employees and has a capable supervisor now in place.

The new area supervisor, Ryan Seeberger is making major efforts to improve things. He informed me today that pruning will commence again beginning on this Friday. Irrigation notices are nearly completed and nearly all systems are supposed to be up and running.

Believe me, solutions to these past and existing problems are not easily found but progress is being made. So hang in there and thank you for your patience.

Steve Hammond
Landscape Chair

Landscape Report – April 8, 2021

Hi all,

I suspect some of you have noticed some slow service from NLS. We shared your concern. Well, NLS has made a change. Our existing area manager is no longer with NLS.

The company is actively recruiting a new area manager for our area. Once hired, the new manager will have a "learning curve" to accomplish but we will be working with that person to improve the responsiveness and quality of NLS service.

In the meantime I would appreciate you contacting me with any concerns you have. We will work with the temporary NLS management to get your requests handled as quickly as possible.

-- We expect moss treatments to begin in a week.
-- And "back flow" testing should also begin in about a week.
-- Irrigation repairs and servicing is ongoing this week and next.

Thanks for your patience,
Steve Hammond
Landscape Chair

Landscape Report – March 8, 2021

Hi all,

Hope you are weathering the weather. Warmer temperatures are in store for March and April and with that NLS will be more active (weather permitting).

On tap for this month are:
- Three grass mowings
- Three trimmings
- One grass edging
- Some bed activity and weeding will begin this month
- Common area may get a mow if weather permits

Many of you, I am sure have noticed the moss is in full attack mode. Consequently NLS will be applying anti moss materials in March and April. It should help.

Steve Hammond
Landscaping Chair

Landscape Report – February 28, 2021

Hi Folks,
Northwest Landscaping Service (NLS) has sent us some landscaping newsletters about our area. Thought you might find them interesting.

Happy Sping,
Steve Hammond



Landscape Report – December 4, 2020

Hi Folks;

Not much will happen around here in December. It will be leaf blowing and possibly some pruning if the weather gets cold enough for the bushes and trees to stop growing.

We will have a new area manager for NLS. David Craig is leaving the company and his replacement is not yet "on station". I will miss David as he was a professional and fun.

You should know that our wonderful State Government has passed a regulation or law that will affect YOU. There is a requirement that next year NEW or REPLACEMENT sprinkler heads must be designed to react to water saturation. Bottom line: the cost will be much higher for sprinkler heads. The good news: existing sprinkler heads and control boxes are "grandfathered".

I will be in Arizona from January - April. What to do if you have a problem: email or call me. I should be able to address many issues long distance. If you have an urgent issue email or call other board members.

Merry Christmas and Season's Greetings.

Steve Hammond

Landscape Report – November 14, 2020

Hello Teal Lake Village,

1. It’s a bit late but I want to recognize the wonderful Halloween “witch” decoration by Joe Guillien. No one could miss it driving down the hill. And not to worry; no birds were evicted from Joe’s birdhouse for this decoration. I am informed there could be more decorations in the future. Keep a lookout.

2. October Landscape – October finished up with some lawn fertilization and the last bit of pruning. Mowing was a bit more difficult due to all the leaves. The irrigation systems were blown out for the winter.

3. November Landscaping – NLS moves into the quiet months starting this month. You may see some final pruning and mowing will depend on the weather and grass growth. The common areas will be mowed just a bit taller for the winter as well. Removing fallen leaves will be a priority.

4. If you have pruning that was missed or any other issue of concern please inform me:

Steve Hammond
Landscape Chair

Landscape Annual Summary – Oct 5, 2020

Jere Sheldon's report is available here:

Landscape Report – September 19, 2020

Hello TLVA Homeowners,

On Tuesday, 9/22, and continuing on 9/23 as necessary, NLS/Monarch will be performing the ASL [aeration, lime, and over-seed treatment] work that was described to homeowners in the September 7, 2020 TLVA Landscape Report.

During the 9/7/20 special TLVA Board meeting, the Board approved 2 special projects: Crestview Entrance Tree Branch Removal and Firewise 2 Cleanup. This work has been completed.

Lastly, please see the linked NLS/Monarch Newsletter for September and October.

Stay Safe and Stay Healthy,
Jere Sheldon
TLVA Landscape Committee Chairperson


Landscape Report – September 7, 2020

Hello TLVA Homeowners,

Today is Labor Day, so the NLS crew will not be working. Instead, their planned schedule for this coming week is Tuesday and Wednesday.

During late September or early October, NLS/Monarch will be completing the aeration, lime, and over-seed treatment to the homeowner's lawns.

Per NLS/Monarch, the benefits of this service include:

Normally, this work is done in the Spring, but COVID19 restrictions prevented doing it this past Spring.

Jere Sheldon
TLVA Landscape Committee Chairperson


Landscape Report – August 14, 2020

The most recent weekly status report for Landscape Services provided by NLS/Monarch is on the website here: NLS_2020-08-13_Landscape-Report.pdf

Recently, a homeowner asked if Roundup was being used by NLS/Monarch for any of the weed treatment procedures for TLVA.  Dave Craig, NLS/Monarch Area Manager replied:

The Pre-emergent is in a granular form and is primarily used as a weed suppressant. It’s most effective when applied to the bed areas in the late winter/early spring time frame. It’s not designed to be a weed killer but rather forms a type of gas layer in the top of the soil profile that stops weeds under the surface from germinating and growing through the surface. We typically use a fairly weak formulation in the form of a product called Snapshot or similar product. It only controls broadleaf weeds so it’s safe for grass and is labeled for nursery use so it won’t harm plants.

The post-emergent is in liquid form and is used for weeds that have already emerged. This is a tool we use throughout the season for weed control. Unfortunately, with our wet conditions in the Northwest, the Pre-Emergent does not provide year-round coverage so spraying for weeds becomes the next best tool in the bag so to speak. We are not using Roundup or any products with Glyphosate in it.

Finally, please remember that homeowners are urged not to speak to the NLS crews while they are working in your yard or nearby common area. If you have a special request or concern, please notify the TLVA Landscape Committee Chairperson, currently Jere Sheldon, email below.

Additionally, the Landscape Maintenance contract between TLVA and NLS/Monarch does NOT provide for tree or vegetation trimming for view maintenance. Trimming of trees or other vegetation in the common areas for view maintenance requires TLVA Common Area Modification Application approval. You may also contact the TLVA ARC Chairperson,

This and other information about Landscape Services is available in the Teal Lake Homeowners Packet, available here TLVA_2020-08-15_Services.pdf

Stay Safe and Stay Healthy,
Jere Sheldon
TLVA Landscape Committee Chairperson


Landscape Report – August 3, 2020

Hello Teal Lake,

I am happy to report that last Friday, Board President, Sheila Twohey, and I had a very encouraging meeting with our new Area Manager, Dave Craig. We discussed all of the concerns I had addressed during the July 20th Board Meeting. And, we talked about the steps Dave has taken to get caught up with the landscape services that NLS provides. I hope you have noticed the improvements since Dave joined the team here in Teal Lake Village.

Please know that NLS adheres to CDC and WA state safety guidelines to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Temperatures of the crew members are taken each day, and they are screened for symptoms and exposure.

We welcome the newcomers to Teal Lake. Please take the time to review the Homeowners folder that our Welcome Committee Chairperson, Phyllis Waldenberg gave to you. It contains useful information, including a summary of the Landscaping Services provided by NLS/Monarch Company.

Following is the most recent Activity Report provided by NLS. NLS_2020-08-03_Landscape-Report.pdf

Stay Safe and Stay Healthy,
Jere Sheldon
TLVA Landscape Committee Chairperson